International Journal of Natural Products and Marine Biology
Year Of Started:      2015 Published By:   SBT JOURNALS
Frequency:   Quarterly ISSN:                2455-2755

Evaluation of Anticonvulsant (in vivo) and α- amylase inhibitory activity (in vitro) of Spondias dulcis Leaf extract.

Lincy Joseph, Mathew George*, Naina Sara Sabu,

This study aimed to investigate the therapeutic effects of Spondias dulcis leaves for α amylase inhibitory activity (in vitro) and anticonvulsant activity in normal and PTZ induced epileptic rats. Leaves of Spondias dulcis was extracted with hydro alcoholic mixture. Following extraction, extract was tested for the presences of phyto-chemical constituents, α amylase inhibitory activity and anticonvulsant effects. Presences of sapo-nin,terpenoid, alkaloids, glycosides, tannins and flavonoids were identified in the extract. In the Pentylenetetrazol induced convulsion, hydro alcoholic extract of Spondias dulcis 400mg/kg significantly delayed the onset of convulsion (p<0.01). The hydro alcoholic extract of Spondias dulcis exhibited α-amylase inhibitory activity with 69%, when compared with control group. Thus the results suggest that the hydro alcoholic extract of Spondias dulcis leaves contains some active principles which may possess significant anticonvulsant and moderate α amylase activity.

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